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Leadership that Works trains people all over the world to fully empower themselves and others. We’re a consortium of seasoned practitioners committed to helping people awaken to their personal power, no matter what their sphere of influence.

We have especially deep roots in community and organization coaching, where we’ve seen how one leader’s transformation can catalyze positive change, recharge employees and reconnect leaders at all levels. Our professional experience—combined with an extensive network of contacts in for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors—allows us to offer programs unparalleled in depth and real-world application.
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Contact us

General Inquiries: 570-297-3333

Coaching Certification: 413-528-6805

Community Transformation: 785-597-2228

Nonprofit Training: 785-597-2228

Facilitation Training: 570-297-2270

Organization Transformation: 570-297-2270

Professional Coach Certification in New York, NY: Richard Michaels

Professional Coach Certification in Oakland, CA: Belma González

Professional Coach Certification in Mumbai, India: Vikram Bhatt

Professional Coach Certification in Los Angeles, CA: Damon Azali-Rojas

Professional Coach Certification in Warsaw, Poland: Pernille Plantener

Community Coach Certification in Battle Creek, MI: Kathy Grosso
Community Coach Certification in Oakland, CA: Leslie Brown
Community Coach Certification in New York, NY: Sharon Brown

Leadership that Works, Inc.
PO Box 224
Troy, PA 16947

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