Move Your Community From Surviving to Thriving

This Course Will Prepare You To:

  Ramp up your influence as a community leader, coach, activist or manager

  Build public leadership skills for yourself and at all levels of your community

  Cut through the invisible barriers of culture, power and privilege and leverage diverse perspectives

  Reimagine your community’s path forward and turn your vision into reality

  Untangle complex situations and create innovative and practical solutions, projects and programs

  Develop action plans based on grounded theory, concepts derived from data and real-life observation

  Become a top-notch coach!

The Program

  4 full days of in-person training
  6 two-hour recordings
  10 two-hour teleclasses
  4 mentoring sessions to hone your skills
  8 one-hour practice sessions
  Learning and community resources
  Training materials

Be the Change Agent You Wish to Be

After this five-month program, you’ll be able to shatter the status quo and bring change to the sectors of society that need it most. And if you’ve been busting your tail for years to make a difference, this course will recharge your batteries, shift your perspective and lift you to new heights.

Whatever your background, we welcome you to join us for Community Coaching Certification program. Our students come from all walks of life, adding a kaleidoscope of viewpoints and creative ideas to the learning environment.

“Community coaching opens up space to bring our full selves, connecting more deeply with what really matters in our community, and taking rooted action towards our vision.”
—Jennifer Lin

Leslie Brown

Leslie Brown is a Community Coach who introduces and integrates coaching approaches in communities that have been impacted by trauma. In her practice, she partners with next-generation leaders those think differently about solutions for addressing our most challenging world issues and are working to design innovative systems to support communities. She believes that moving beyond traditional methods will revolutionize the way that people work and thrive.

I learned how to unravel deep-seated fears and transform my anxieties into motivations that served me well as I started my own coaching business.
—Shanita Liu





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