Organization Transformation

Dynamic Approach to Change

If your organization suffers from communication breakdowns, power struggles, conflict avoidance, or lack of feedback, how do you change the culture?

Start with a trusted partner.

When you work with Leadership that Works, you’ll benefit from our proven approach that has already transformed the culture of many Fortune 100 companies and leading not for profits.

Together, we’ll co-create change initiatives and customize strategies to create a more productive work environment. We’ll help your organization:

  • Develop leaders at all levels
  • Facilitate dynamic meetings
  • Create a coaching culture
  • Turn conflict into collaboration
  • Develop multicultural awareness

We offer an array of powerful programs for organizational transformation that we tailor to fit your culture and specific needs.

  • Changemakers – Develop dynamic facilitators. No more boring meetings.
  • Coaching Culture – Create an empowering environment where peers support each other’s growth and development. No more disengaged employees.
  • Collaborative Communication – Support authenticity and compassionate interactions. No more avoiding conflict.
  • Leadership Retreats – Includes 360 feedback, visioning, and Appreciative Inquiry. No more employees who lack initiative.

These approaches are game changers. Even if you’re already an influential leader, you can take your organization to a higher level.

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Organization Transformation Programs

Unlock Talent and Potential

The most important resource in any organization is the people. Organizations are transformed as people are transformed.

Whether an established business or nonprofit, a volunteer or community group, a movement or a team, your organization can benefit from our programs that focus on developing facilitation, coaching, communication and leadership competencies.

Coaching Culture
Collaborative Communication
Leadership Development


Our foundation course, ChangeMakers, provides a bold approach to facilitation with practical tools to:

  • Deepen understanding of group dynamics and power
  • Tap the yearning to build energized, productive teams
  • Expand cultural intelligence and work on real-life challenges
  • Create a culture of shared power, connection and inclusion
  • Receive feedback and mentoring on your facilitation skills

Program details

  • 11-month distance learning
  • Weekly 90-minute teleclasses
  • Peer learning groups
  • Online group dialogue
  • Assessment tools

In addition to powerful experiential activities, you'll also get peer support for creating a social change initiative based on a sustainable future with a triple bottom line—people, planet, profits.

Who should attend

ChangeMakers is for visionary leaders who are serious about supporting personal transformation and systemic social change.

If you are a seasoned trainer, facilitator, community leader, social justice activist or organizer who loves being on your growing edge as much as you love contributing to other's learning, you are in the right place!


Twelve curriculum modules provide the foundation for the ChangeMakers program:

Transformational Space
Group Awareness
Group Wisdom
Power & Privilege
Social Change Projects
Supporting Group Learning
Meeting Facilitation

Coaching Culture

Want to transform your organizational culture and put learning and people development at the forefront? Want a workplace where people are empowered to make their own decisions and have the skills to engage in challenging conversations?

You can with a little coaching power.

Research shows that effective leaders use coaching to bring out the best in their teams. Few leaders have the skills they need to do this well. And even fewer tap the value of using coaching across the whole organization to create a climate of continuous feedback and improvement.

Skills training is a vital part of the process, but there's more. Our consultants help your organization incorporate the coaching competencies into all levels of your organization, resulting in decreased staff turnover, increased productivity, and more satisfied employees.

7 Steps of Creating a Coaching Culture

...and get a solid return on your investment

1. Perform a coaching culture assessment

2. Address resistance to change

3. Select a pool of external coaches

4. Develop internal coaches

5. Expand leadership capacity

6. Align policies and procedures

7. Evaluate the program and measure the results

Not only does coaching contribute to personal and organizational transformation, it impacts the triple bottom line: people, planet and profits. Coaching serves as a springboard to address major social, economic, and environmental challenges of our times.

As a trailblazer in the field since 1998, Leadership that Works has been leveraging coaching in places where it’s needed most: cross-cultural organizations, developing nations, under-resourced communities, mergers and acquisitions, and multi-sector social change initiatives.

Collaborative Communication

Want to transform the way people work together? Create a culture of compassion and authenticity? Collaborative Communication is a revolutionary way to change from a domination culture to shared partnership. Practicing compassion opens the door to a radically different consciousness that wakes people up to their full potential.

In many cultures, people focus their attention on judgment, blame and diagnosis, especially when in conflict. Collaborative Communication is a simple, profound process that trains us to shift our focus to the powerful human needs that motivate everything we do or say—such as respect, belonging, and understanding. With awareness of our own needs and the needs of others, we foster deep understanding. From here we can open up possibilities for flexible and creative solutions, even when we’re entrenched in conflict.

What skills will people learn?

Not only can you create the kind of organization you’ve always wanted, but we also support personal transformation. Profound shifts that inspire people to take leadership come from deep awareness, listening deeply, and expressing authentically, straight from the heart. This practical approach expands emotional intelligence and helps you overcome challenges. Your team will practice skill development which includes learning new ways to:

  • Facilitate dynamic, inclusive meetings that bring out the best in people
  • Co-create strategies based on the needs of all parties
  • Change the dynamics of employee reviews to inspire professional development
  • Listen deeply and expand emotional intelligence
  • Make clear, doable requests that consider everyone’s needs
  • Communicate in ways that prevent and resolve conflict
  • Develop mediation skills so that both parties communicate without blame

How will individuals benefit?

Many people tell us that Collaborative Communication not only helps them with their relationships at work, but dramatically changes their relationships at home. By recognizing underlying thinking patterns that hinder communication, we can shift to a more life-serving way of listening and speaking. We can even benefit from understanding the underlying motives of complainers, dictators and trouble makers.

Practicing a simple 4-step model, you can communicate with increasing honesty and empathy. At the same time, you can transform blame into genuine trust and understanding. You can learn to make clear requests to get the results you want, especially in tricky situations. Some of the ways that people benefit are through:

  • Self empowerment
  • Deeper awareness
  • Stress reduction
  • Bridging cultural differences
  • Harmonious relationships

Leadership Development

Leaders all over the world are putting in longer and longer hours and getting more and more frustrated. Information overload, tighter budgets, fewer people, and global complexities contribute to the sense of feeling overwhelmed.

Our facilitators provide supportive, collaborative, challenging opportunities to help people claim their full leadership potential. You can expect to deepen your awareness of your impact as you step into leadership more fully.

Program details

Our interactive approach to leadership development results in greater resilience for your leadership team. Assessment tools, group activities and role-playing establish trust and collaboration that spark lasting change. A new culture of cooperation, commitment, and excellence leads to achieving desired results.

Because your group is unique, we start by assessing your needs and then custom-design a program that addresses the challenges of your organization. Programs may include:

  • Leadership retreats
  • Visioning processes
  • Leadership coaching

Who will benefit?

Anyone who currently leads groups or teams, or is preparing to step into a leadership role.

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Organization Transformation FAQ

What’s your typical organizational transformation project?

First we find out what you need. What’s keeping you awake at night? What’s working? What’s not working? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Since every organization is unique, we custom-design every program.

How do you assess an organization’s readiness for change?

We take the long view and explore your organization’s history of change. We find out what made past changes successful and look for evidence that the organization can handle more change. If necessary, we develop additional capacity for change.

How do I obtain commitment to change from my organization?

We partner with you, discovering ways to create maximum impact by listening to the organization’s needs and values, asking empowering questions, and gathering stories about the life giving forces of the organization.

Then we build a case for change. Together, we discover the urgent crises and opportunities that get people’s attention. We study the forces that drive the change process. Then we explore the implications to the bottom line. We also explore what happens if you don’t make the change!

Many people struggle to understand how culture directly impacts performance. We assess culture of the organization, comparing current performance with the desired performance and then develop a plan to bridge that gap.

How do we get people on board?

First we enlist a team of change agents. We start by finding your highest-level change sponsors. We look for other key influencers from all levels of the organization to engage in the process. Then we recruit people who have the power to lead the change initiative and get others on board. Ultimately, focused, aligned leadership drives change.

How do we manage resistance to change?

We’ll identify the people most likely to oppose the change and listen deeply to their needs. Then we engage them in the process to determine how to address their needs. We’ll anticipate the obstacles and create a plan to overcome resistance to change.

How do we build momentum and keep people engaged in organization transformation?

First, we pay attention to the pace and tone so that people can easily absorb the changes. To keep people engaged, we build short-term wins into the process. Together, we define the milestones you will celebrate along the way.

How do we develop a culture that is receptive to change?

Leaders who manage their continuous personal change process and model openness generate receptivity to change. We also establish expectations, desired behaviors, and competencies that people need to develop to support the desired changes. We use a range of initiatives to sustain a culture of continuous improvement and keep the energy alive to ensure future success.

How do you introduce this kind of effort?

We enter with a beginner’s mind. Curious about everything, we inquire about the organization’s vitality and focus on what makes the system work at its best. We listen in and surface all the challenges – voiced and unvoiced – until the dialogue takes on a life of its own and people reveal their yearnings. The sheer act of inquiry supports authenticity, persistence, curiosity, and sensitivity. When people exercise the freedom to choose, they unleash unprecedented potential and passion.

Our expertise lies in co-creation of new channels of learning, development and growth with key stakeholders to support the system’s deep meaning and purpose. We savor those moments when people exercise curiosity, gratitude, wonder, determination, and achievement during this adventure of purposeful transformation.

What are the common pitfalls when implementing organizational transformation?

The main pitfall is that people are scared to be honest with each other. If people cannot discuss poor performance, give bad news, or talk about conflict, nothing changes. Other examples of setbacks include:

  • Top leader pretends s/he has it all together
  • Low capacity to manage conflict and ambiguity
  • Low willingness to listen to people who like the old way of doing things
  • Power struggles and turf wars
  • Trying to create a new future without honoring the past
  • Looking for energy drains instead of tapping the organization’s life force

The organization transformation process creates self-facilitating teams of leaders and managers, who stretch themselves, take on extraordinary challenges, and build the capacity to respond to change as an ever-evolving opportunity for growth.

How will my people benefit from the ChangeMakers program?

We offer this 11-month program once a year to the public and can customize it for your organization. Whether in person or on the phone, all classes are highly experiential and include skill building, demonstrations, practice, small group work, feedback, and discussions about the challenges of facilitating groups. Your meetings won’t be the same!

How would creating a Coaching Culture change things in my organization?

When you partner with us to create a coaching culture in your organization, that changes everything! The impact on your organization includes:

  • Learning becomes a way of life
  • People actively seek feedback and support each other’s professional development
  • Teams become passionate and energized
  • Coaching flows in all directions—upwards, downwards and sideways
  • People become fully empowered and can lead change initiatives

What are the benefits of bringing Collaborative Communication to my team?

Our coaches help you talk in ways that deepen understanding and make your team more efficient. As a result, your people will:

  • Develop awareness of personal and organizational needs
  • Engage in more respectful, candid, productive conversations
  • Create systemic change initiatives that uncover resistance and honor traditions
  • Give observational feedback and make requests that helps your organization thrive
  • Make collaborative decisions that speed up the change process

What happens on Leadership Retreats?

Our coaches help you look at the big picture, and support you in making profound shifts. Using Appreciative Inquiry, we use exciting activities that support your team to:

  • Develop a shared inspirational vision
  • Determine the leadership competencies needed to create a thriving organization
  • Give and receive feedback that helps people soar
  • Shift from power-over structure to an empowered, circled organization
  • Make participatory decisions that maximize participation, buy-in and efficiency

Where do we start?

Contact us to set up a confidential, complimentary, no-obligation phone call at or 570-297-2270.

What’s the time line?

Once you engage with us, we schedule a consultation to gather information and assess the needs of the organization. Once the services have been identified and agreed upon, we co-create a project plan. The scope of the project dictates the time involved. The involvement of key players is vital to the planning process and a successful outcome.

Want to learn more?

Find out what Clients are Saying about Results.

Or give us a call at 570-297-2270 to discuss your options.

Organization Transformation Results

Discover the Simplest Way to Drive Wide-Scale Organizational Change

If you’re having trouble implementing change in your workplace, you’re not alone. Most organizations have a poor track record in this area—more than 70% of change initiatives fail. Fear and push-back make organizational change on any scale a real challenge and can overwhelm even the most dynamic leaders.

The easiest way to create organizational transformation is to train your leaders to become internal coaches and create a collaborative culture. We start by discovering what brings your people together, how they align with your organizational vision, and what brings out their best.

Rather than being stuck in silos and turf battles, we train your teams to collaborate to design and implement change initiatives. That way your leaders embed change in how they run meetings, organize their time and interact with their peers.

What makes this program distinct is our approach to leadership—instead of lone leaders, we develop collaborative leadership teams where power-over dynamics shift to shared power. In this environment, people become passionately engaged, communicate authentically, and inspire personal and organizational transformation.

This scalable and sustainable approach to driving change has a high return on investment, including:

  • Higher retention rates
  • Increased engagement
  • Expanded productivity
  • Improved competencies and performance
  • Expanded cultural awareness

What’s truly exciting for us is that you get results by creating the changes yourselves. We guide you and help you identify your strengths and find your own solutions. Together we create a culture that stimulates and challenges people.

Unilever, Egypt Case Study

We recently worked in Egypt at Unilever as facilitators and coaches. When we arrived, the employees talked about high stress from the political turmoil and their unhealthy lifestyles. Starting with the senior team, our first intervention was to look at their mental health, their own well-being, and how to be their own advocates. We expanded the process to work with the managers, who then trained their teams in resilience. In turn, they led a workshop with 180 people that had an impact on 2,000 people.

The results were amazing—double digit growth and they won the prestigious Compass Award. Not only did they achieve great business results, but their personal lives changed. Many people stopped smoking, lost weight, and changed their relationships with people at work and with their families. Their culture of continuous conflict shifted to become much more joyful and productive.

“Every organization has a sacred center, a soul, that goes beyond the numbers, where the purpose of being together comes alive. We help organizations grow and evolve by building cultures of trust. Ultimately, our work is simple—we help people find their own inner sense of balance and rhythm, their own music.” —Vikram Bhatt, Unilever Project Co-Facilitator


Biggest return on investment: less interpersonal conflict

I have a hard-core finance background. The biggest return on investment of the program is that my organization has less interpersonal conflict and less friction between departments. The biggest tangible impact is that I’m not stressed, so I can focus on what’s next. This gets me more business--so the impact is organization-wide. —Shekhar Kulkarni

Coaching emerging leaders

My experience was awesome! Definitely life-changing for me. As the Chief Human Resource Officer in my organization and OD practitioner, I plan to use my CFT training to create a prototype for coaching emerging leaders, as well as use coaching during group sessions geared to train supervisors new skills. I also plan to use the skills I have learned to coach employees; domestic and international.

The program is a great way to learn how to use Self as an instrument of change, and to gain insight regarding personal strengths, challenges and aspirations. It also teaches you how to build and drive change in individuals, communities, and organizations. —Janie L. Payne

Skeptical, but proven wrong

At first I was skeptical that coaching would help me understand myself better or would be so applicable to the corporate enterprise, but I was proven wrong. It's all about becoming aware and identifying your values. My coach is also a very compassionate person and was just great during some of the very emotional calls (and there were quite a few, I must admit). I am grateful to my coach and recommend coaching highly. —Kathleen Stearns

Shifting from force to listening

I coached a colleague recently on something that, 5 years ago, I forcefully told her how to handle over a period of time, but nothing changed. By listening to her deeper needs, she came to the realization she needed to take better care of herself, and in three short weeks, has completely remodeled herself, and actually willingly making time to do all the stuff I tried to force on her 5 years ago! —Heather Markel

Diversity and Inclusion

My life has changed in a profound way because I am practicing authenticity and vulnerability. The most powerful component was learning how to get into the depth of what might be holding me back and embrace it—acknowledge it without acquiescing to it. Other coaching programs don’t work with diversity and inclusion, which I found useful as a white male. The work we did helps me connect with a broader spectrum of people at a deeper level. —Eric Couillard

Holistic developmental perspective so very important

The quality and depth of the program is awesome and truly transforms sincere students. The faculty brings a high level of competency and diversity. The concept, framework, design, content and delivery is world class. At work I took a course on coaching skills for leaders which was useful because it was oriented toward performance and results. But the holistic developmental perspective of the person was missing, which is so very important to me. —Ulhas Supatkar

Transformation becomes a way of life

What an eye-opening experience. As I went through this journey, I began to rediscover myself and others, and started looking at things from a completely different angle. Pathways of transformation become a way of life once you start to practice it and play with it. I enjoyed every bit of it especially the support I received… it feels like home. —Nadine El-Hadad

Create shared power

Coaching skills can empower people to co-create what they want to manifest in the world and truly create shared power. —Dian Killian

My employees run the company now

I found more trust in people. Coaching opened up a lot of doors for me and my employees. They run the company now. —Craig Peck

In-house fighting is virtually gone

I learned the true value of teamwork, and how to really support others. Since the leadership series we have built up a great momentum. People are really backing each other up and the in-house fighting is virtually gone. This is a valuable program that has helped us build a cohesive team. —Dominick Maria

Systematic approach to get people to take action

What I like most about the training is the personalized, hands-on approach and the activities that make people think. Coaching helped me look at myself and gave me the courage to understand and get along with others. Both facilitators are reality-based, action-oriented trainers and coaches. They don't dwell on past problems, but deal with current issues and use a systematic approach to get people to take action." —Lillian Smith

Share at a level that’s unusual in a business

Before the teambuilding workshop our staff was struggling with communication problems and battling with an us-versus-them mentality. The energy and the choice of activities allowed people to share at a level that’s unusual in a business environment. She was absolutely perfect and the response was terrific. We hear more laughter and the staff is both more relaxed and more excited. Everyone is committed to monthly follow-up on projects that continue to bring us together." —Tom Weidemann

See the company and the people differently

I was caught up in negativity and now I feel much better about my work. I see the company and the people differently. I am much more focused, not just on the specifics, but on the overall picture. I’ve grown from coaching and I’m much more upbeat. My coach helped me dig deeper, open up and look at how I can do things differently. —Jill O’Connor

Gave up frustration and burnout

Finding out what my true values are was a real awakening. Deciding my future based on my values was transformational. I gave up a life of frustration and burnout and turned on to a new, exciting life of growth and achievement! —Scott Wierschem

To find out more about how to partner with us to transform your organization, call us at 570-297-3333.

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