Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight, I see how intense the last 20 days have been. Eight days of training in Gestalt therapy and a week at a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) convention are still buzzing in my head. In between I worked on a two day intervention with members of a family-run business and, last but not the least, I joined the current Coaching for Transformation (CFT) Mumbai cohort for their second workshop and a scintillating party into the night.

This time has also been a longish breather from doing coaching calls. When I find myself wanting to do too many things at once, I’m thankful that I still have the discernment to honour my coaching practice. My rule is that if I’m in the middle of an action packed schedule, I wait for some silence to descend from heaven. Till then, no coaching!

Silence has descended at the airport where I have a good hour to focus on my clients. I call one of my coachees who heads Sales and Marketing for an MNC Pharmaceutical company to set up the next call and hear “Oh, I was about to call you!” I feel very happy when I experience such warm reciprocation. He says “I would like my team to go through a Coaching Skills workshop that I would like you to run. There are about 28 people and we can do two programmes of 2 days each.”

I wonder what others do when they hear news which deserves expressions like “jumping in joy”. I’m mostly collected at such moments but inside all my cells get charged. The rest of our call was simply music to ears. This piece of work was the fruit of four coaching calls with someone I’d never met in person.

16 years back I began my journey in training and consulting. In September 2011, I got my first coaching assignment to work with a company in the Middle East. I wasn’t sure how I’d do justice “coaching” these eight managers. So being in the Coaching for Transformation India program happened at the right time and rest was history.

It gives me immense joy that just within a year of my journey in coaching I am able to inspire the faith in my client and he wants to use coaching as a tool to transform the culture of his ‘numbers driven’ team. The need is for people to tap their potential not just by the demands of their hierarchies but instead by taking individual ownership. The task is to begin from the top and percolate this commitment down to the every single person on the team.

Friends, I got my first coaching assignment from my credentials in training and consulting. Now, I’m getting training assignments from my forays into coaching.

Life has come to a full circle.

Vinita Prasad

Coaching for Transformation – India 2011-2012 Graduate