By Damon Gbuduala Azali-Rojas, PCC

Lights in the human hands in the dark
Lights in the human hands in the dark

Are you ever worried that your clients think you are a little “too far out there” when you bring spirit into your coaching? I know I was, and sometimes still am. But when I give myself permission to access spirit in service of my clients, it’s not just good coaching, it’s coaching on homeopathic performance enhancing drugs.

With spirit led coaching, the connections, the insights, the movement in my coaching sessions are almost unexplainable. I have had vivid images of clients from their youth or metaphors that pop into my head that resonate on another spiritual plane for my clients. As a result of my training with the True Purpose process designed by Tim Kelly, I know my purpose in life is to “Help People Connect Heaven and Earth.” I am to support people’s ability to harness their “spiritual cadre” to impact the material world in spiritually and socially conscious ways. I work with people of all different faiths and at all different levels—from curious onlookers to spiritual leaders—to deepen their awareness of spirit and apply that progressive change in the world.

My clients tell me it’s as if God, spirit, ancestors are speaking through me to them. (Some even accuse me of “visiting” them Netflix’s “Sense8 style.”) I call it spiritual transformational listening because it’s based on what wants to emerge from my clients, but it’s as if, at times, I am co-coaching—Spirit and me are coaching our client together.

We are all spiritual beings. Some of us see ourselves connected to a God or gods, some to our own divine essence and still others to the principles and energy of movements for social justice. In the end, they are all paths to the same destination. We are looking for a connection to something larger than ourselves—connection to a deep knowing about our purpose, what we are destined to do in this lifetime.

In March 2016 Spirit Led Coaching teleclass series I am leading, as part of the Leading Edge Series, we will:

  • deepen our spiritual consciousness
  • develop listening for and awareness of the spiritual transformational agenda
  • explore spirit led coaching with atheists/materialists/secularists
  • unpack and employ spiritual cultural humility

I yearn for a more defined process to engage and deepen spiritual connection for those coaches that consider themselves spiritually centered. At the same time, I hope to strengthen your ability to share your gifts with your clients. As a result of our work together, I hope to co-create principles for spirit led coaching.

This is a co-created journey between you, your fellow participants, spirit and myself. Spirit led coaching will help you deepen your practice and harness your spiritual gifts. We will explore how to use these in service of your clients no matter their religious affiliations or spiritual traditions. We invite you to join us and upgrade your transformational listening to spiritual transformational listening.


About the author:

645Damon Gbuduala Azali-Rojas, PCC is a Babalawo (traditional African priest in the Yoruba spiritual tradition called Ifa), a coach and a coach trainer, and a trained racial justice community organizer. He supports his clients to connect heaven and earth. You can find more information about him at

Deepen your practice and harness your spiritual gifts with Damon this March in his four part teleclass, Spirit-Led Coaching: Beyond Transformational Listening. This class is part of the Leading Edge Series, “Evolutionary Coaching,” which includes two additional advanced telecourses designed for coaches. Details and registration.