By Tanuja Ramchal


Three years ago, I was the picture of success—I was in corporate job, making good money, and traveling the world for work. But I didn’t feel successful. Though I had the external validations, I wasn’t fulfilled. It got to the point where I felt my life lacked meaning, and it became too painful to continue down this path. I quit my job, turned down two lucrative offers, and decided to take a year off to figure out what I wanted to do.

It was scary not knowing what was going to happen next but it was even scarier to live a life void of purpose. After a year of traveling, volunteering, and working with a coach, I was able to get clear about what brought me joy. It was then that I realized I wanted to help men and women live with intention and create a life that’s meaningful for them, rather than blindly following baseless rules imposed by outside forces. It was a lesson I learned the hard way, and I didn’t want other people to go through that experience to get to happiness.

The holistic approach was what first attracted me to the Coaching for Transformation program. By the first weekend of the program, I was practicing coaching thanks to the experiential learning environment. The course was rigorous and required that I use the skills from day one. I was also on the receiving end, which allowed me to experience the power of coaching.

Today, I am much more self aware, and I have become better at listening—which is such a necessary but undervalued skill. I am also much more attuned to my emotions in order to break the fear-based, habitual responses, which are rooted in the past and perpetuate negative patterns.

My clients are men and women who want more freedom, fun, and fulfillment in their life and work. Coming from the corporate world, where I was accustomed to giving advice, it was difficult for me to not do the same in coaching when I started my training. However, I’ve had a shift in perspective having gone through the program and having worked with many clients: I bring the tools and they bring the wisdom and self-awareness—that’s where the transformation happens.

Beyond coaching, I facilitate workshops, write a weekly blog on my website at, and contribute to the Huffington Post. I use these platforms to share the big ideas from my experiences and from coaching to help people move towards what they really want.

As I look to the future, I see myself taking a more global approach to help more people wake up to who they really are, whether it’s through my writing, teleclasses, or live workshops. I couldn’t do this without going through the process myself, which is ongoing. That for me is really important—living in a way that inspires people to be their best.


About the author:

641After spending the greater part of a decade in the corporate world, Tanuja Ramchal quit her job and went in search of meaning. Now she’s pursuing her passion—helping people make changes to live a life that represents who they are at their core. Tanuja believes in practicing what you teach while being able to adjust to a client’s needs. “Living courageously and following my heart have been themes in my life. That being said, I realize that everyone is different and learns in different ways and at a different pace.”

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