By Meghan Ondrish


The fourth Coaching for Transformation cohort in Mumbai graduated on January 13, 2015.

About 20 students gathered at the Waterstones Club for a weekend of celebration. The cohort was led by Vikram Bhatt, Sonali Kelkar, Wasundhara Joshi, Jagruti Gala, Altaf Shaik and Manish Srivastava.

“Some of the most endearing moments of the graduation were during the self-expression time by the participants. Different individuals were touched, moved and transformed very deeply by various aspects of the program, and hearing them acknowledge the journey for themselves and the group was heartening,” says Leadership that Works Mumbai team member, Shruti Sonthalia.

Prior to the ceremony, the group enjoyed dining and practicing coaching skills together. Graduates used different forms of self-expression, including dance and poetry to communicate their emotions and reflections on the program.

The elements of nature—flower petals, rose water and ceremonial fire—were used during the ceremony to welcome each participant into the graduation space. In addition to their certification, each graduate received a handmade Tree of Life painting from Hema Patil, a previous graduate of Coaching for Transformation.

Graduate Sanjyot Pethe reflects, “The heart was both heavy and light. Heavy that a beautiful nine month journey was getting over and light that a beautiful new beginning was unfolding. The entire ceremony of being called inside the room and welcomed was beautiful. And then the sharing—how each one us have lived these nine months, what we are going to make of our lives—it was the longest and most amazing part of this event. I think each one of the CFT community members became closer through the sharing, which each member of the audience was very lovingly holding.”

Congratulations to the entire Mumbai cohort!

The next Coaching for Transformation certification program begins in Mumbai, India on March 19, 2015.