Look who’s in the Smart Planet and the New York Times for organizing Occupy Sandy hurricane relief efforts – Michael Badger, CFT graduate. Check out the “wedding” registry that allows people to contribute directly to people in need, with hammers, wrecking bars, generators, diapers, and other goods.

You can read about Michael’s work here.

My favorite paragraphs come from a New York Times article:

Maligned for months for its purported ineffectiveness, Occupy Wall Street has managed through its storm-related efforts not only to renew the impromptu passions of Zuccotti, but also to tap into an unfulfilled desire among the residents of the city to assist in the recovery. This altruistic urge was initially unmet by larger, more established charity groups, which seemed slow to deliver aid and turned away potential volunteers in droves during the early days of the disaster.

The article ends with a beautiful image of what relief looks like:

…one of the hot-line operators rushed into the room. It seemed the Red Cross was sending them — them! — a tractor-trailer full of fresh wool blankets.

“A tractor-trailer?” Mr. Smith exclaimed.

Utterly exhausted, he laid his forehead on the shoulder of the Occupier beside him.

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