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Facilitating with Heart by Martha Lasley E-book – Leadership That Works


Facilitating with Heart by Martha Lasley E-book


Facilitating with Heart: Awakening Personal Transformation and Social Change is a book with hundreds of stories from dynamic facilitators around the world. Written by Martha Lasley, she shares 385 pages of heart-connecting ways to work with groups. Read a free chapter, get a hard copy or order the ebook immediately and start reading now.

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Product Description


The Facilitating with Heart Process

When we listen to people’s hearts, we connect with the part of them that’s moving. By listening to the life energy, we hear what’s stirring, what’s awakening, what they’re longing for. Putting our attention on the life force of the group we invite them into an intimate, safe space. By feeling the depth of their unique experience, and conveying our understanding of their experience, participants feel moved and empowered to open their own hearts. As we listen for individual and collective longing, we capture the essence of what is emerging in the group.


Typically a facilitator is not a content expert and doesn’t give advice or participate in the decisions, but instead actively engages in the group’s process. But to access the heart of people, and a group, we need to be more than a process expert – we need to bring our own hearts into the process.


Sometimes people come into the room completely closed to each other, but as they open up and others listen, really listen, they feel understood and their hearts melt. When the heart strings are pulled, people come closer together and they’re more willing to engage in the process of collaboration and finding solutions collectively. If the facilitator sits there unmoved, participants tend to do the same. But as we step into each person’s experience fully, and really feel their heartache, yearning or their joy… if we open ourselves to each and every person, they’re moved to dive in with us.


I’m calling for a deeper level of interaction that is intimate, profound and moving. What makes this approach unique is that facilitators:


  • Bring heart and soul into the facilitation process
  • Create a culture of shared power and inclusion
  • Transform judgment into compassion
  • Support development of facilitation skills
  • Share our own vulnerable work of personal transformation


As facilitators, we are compassionate catalysts, continuously creating openings for the light to shine in. I’m motivated to co-create a learning community of people who are actively committed to contributing to human evolution. Specifically I’m writing for both new and seasoned facilitators who aspire to integrate the physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of transformation.


Table of Contents

1. Welcome to Facilitating with Heart

2. Creating Sacred Space for Transformation

3. Facilitation Skills

4. Expanding Awareness

5. Finding Direction and Taking Action

6. Making Shared Decisions

7. Coaching for Transformation

8. Facilitation Models

9. Facilitator Presence

10. Radical Authenticity

11. Empowering Interventions

12. Personal Transformation of the Facilitator

13. Designing the Facilitation Process

14. Fives Phases of Organization Development

15. Facilitating Social Change

16. Revolution from the Heart

17. Business of Transformation

18. Resources

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