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Lead Transformational Teleclasses with Senior Faculty – 6 recordings – Leadership That Works



Lead Transformational Teleclasses with Senior Faculty – 6 recordings


Senior faculty  share best practices for leading teleclasses that enrich learning, explore new depths and support personal transformation. Read more…


Product Description

Deliver Programs that Inspire and Empower

How do you keep participants engaged? What makes the learning unforgettable?

This series explores the mindset, skillset and practices for creating an interactive, exciting learning environment. The program is geared toward the virutal learning environment, but can easily be applied to in-person classes as well.

What Makes Classes Meaningful?

Virtual gatherings come with built-in distractions, the threat of boredom and potential technology hurdles. It takes a skilled facilitator to create a container for connection, engagement, and learning.

Each class in this 6-session series is led by seasoned Leadership that Works’ facilitators, built on the knowledge and experience of thousands of classes delivered over two decades.

Session 1: Bring All of Yourself
with Steven Filante

Part of the fun of leading teleclasses is bringing your unique voice, style and presence to the teaching process. You will explore any fears or anxieties you are carrying about facilitating and establish new viewpoints that support bringing your authentic self, strengths and talents. You will discover how to show up fully from the first minute. You’ll learn how to use your voice and energy to create connection and deepen engagement.

Session 2: Engage Participants
with Jagruti Gala

How do you transform a blank, faceless space into a warm circle of learning? In this class you’ll learn how to use vulnerability and playfulness to support participants to be seen, to belong and to contribute. You’ll explore the use of imagery and creativity to meet different learning styles. You will also understand the elements of blending play and structure, holding spaciousness and managing time and choosing volunteers to support learning and inclusion. This class will also create awareness on the importance of acknowledging imperfection, letting go of the agenda and working with live feedback!

Session 3: Deliver Content Creatively
with Virginia Kellogg

If you can be a creative facilitator face to face, you can do the same on a teleclass. Within every fantastic teleclass experience is a blend of stories, humor, structure and content. The timeline gives us a place to start with the structure and content, and we add our own wildness to make the teleclass sing. We will examine how to find our own stories that come both from the content and what participants say. We will explore how to set aside convention and the “right” way to facilitate in service of deeper connection and more fun.

Session 4: Weave in Awareness of Power, Privilege, Race and Culture
with Kim Fowler

How does your awareness of your own power, privilege, race and culture deepen your facilitation and your sense of authenticity? You will discover the many ways identities impact people’s beliefs, values and decisions. This teleclass helps you reflect on how your identities impact you personally, as a coach and as a facilitator. Learn how to facilitate from awareness of power and privilege, and honoring of race and culture, so that participants awaken to their full expression of themselves.

Session 5: Give Inspirational Feedback
with Pernille Plantener

How can you offer feedback as a powerful growth opportunity for the whole class? Interactions with students from a no-fault mindset support deep learning and bold experimentation. Instead of giving feedback using labels and evaluations, learn ways to support clarity with observations and specific examples. When you veer from your agenda or you are running out of time, you can choose interventions that support your learning objectives for the class, build inclusion and still have the space for personal reflection.

Session 6: Create your Personal Operating System Using 9 Principles
with Guthrie Sayen

What is your deepest motivation for facilitating? What’s love got to do with it? How do you ensure that you are learning just as much as anyone else? In this class, you’ll explore how you can tell the truth (always), ensure the clarity of your teaching, and use improv so that your classes flow. And most importantly, you can embody the four points of the compass of self care. If you’re not having fun, stop and recover!

This series is perfect for both new facilitators who are ready to hit the ground running and experienced facilitators who want to up your game.



Steven Filante, PCC is a professional certified coach, an international coach trainer and a mentor coach. Always open to new modalities and possibilities, Steven challenges his learners to examine all parts of the human experience and how it can bring value to coaching. He coaches small business owners and executives who need a coaching ally to translate their vision of change into the world. Steven designed and delivered Fire in the Heart, an advanced coach training course.



Jagruti Gala, PCC is an agent of transformation and is thrilled to push the edges of consciousness in herself and others to create a world of greater fulfillment, compassion and joy. Jagruti has over 10 years experience in training and facilitation with non-profit, educational institutions and corporates.




Virginia Kellogg 220Virginia Kellogg, MCC co-founded Leadership that Works and created Coaching for Community Transformation, a program that brings coach training into community settings. Dedicated to expanding cultural awareness and social justice, Virginia continuously challenges the coaching profession to become more available and relevant to all communities. She has trained individuals from all walks of life who share her interest in community service. A Master Certified Coach, Virginia is a past president of the Association of Coaching Training Organizations.


Kim Fowler, PCC, ORSCC has provided coaching and consulting services to nonprofits for over 10 years, after 20 years of management experience in the sector. She is also a trainer and facilitator, and has worked with organizations in the areas of arts, social justice, government and education. Kim works with individuals, partnerships and teams who are ready to remove limiting beliefs and behaviors and move through their professional and personal lives with mindfulness, effectiveness, spirit and action.


Pernille Plantener, PCC is a certified coach and trainer in Nonviolent Communication. She has supported organic farmers and other change agents for more than a decade through facilitation and coaching. Based in Denmark, she teaches Coaching for Transformation and a number of shorter programs in Poland.




Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC, is a senior member of the faculty at Leadership that Works and the co-founder and lead trainer for the coaching certification program at The Graduate Institute. He has worked with coaches at all stages of their careers, from beginners to masters. Guthrie is certified by the International Coach Federation, the Coaches Training Institute, and the True Purpose Institute, and trained in Internal Family Systems, Voice Dialogue, Pyschosynthesis, four archetypes coaching, and Lucid Living.

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