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Spirit-Led Coaching with Damon Azali-Rojas – 4 recordings – Leadership That Works



Spirit-Led Coaching with Damon Azali-Rojas – 4 recordings


Upgrade your transformational listening to a spiritual transformational listening. Damon Azali-Rojas guides you through the techniques of spirit-led coaching to help you deepen your practice and harness your spiritual gifts. Listen to these four recordings to explore how you can use these practices in service of your clients no matter their religious affiliation. Read more…


Product Description

Spirit-led coaching helps you deepen your practice and harness your spiritual gifts. We explore how you can use these in service of your clients no matter their religious affiliations or spiritual traditions. Join us to upgrade your Transformational listening to a Spiritual Transformational listening.

  • Self – Growing awareness of Spirit and inviting it to choose your path minute by minute.
  • Other – Cultivating and invoking Spirit in other spiritual seekers.
  • Spirits in the Material World – Using Spirit as a tool to transform secular clients.
  • Unification – Bringing it all together and defining your “spiritual operating system.”

Learning Objectives

  • Deepen spiritual consciousness
  • Develop listening and awareness of Spirit/Transformational agendas
  • Explore Spirit-Led Coaching with Atheist/Materialists/Secularists
  • Employ spiritual cultural humility
  • Develop principles for Spirit-Led Coaching


We are spiritual beings. Some may see themselves connected to a god or gods, some to their own divine essence and others to the principles and energy of social justice movements. In the end, they are all paths to the same destination. We are looking for a connection to something larger than ourselves—connection to a deep knowing about our purpose, what we are destined to do in this lifetime.


You might have difficulty or face trepidation translating your spiritual practice into your coaching asking questions like: Will my devotion scare people off if I show up fully? How do I invite in people that might not have a spiritual practice or are atheist? How forward can I be about my spiritual gifts? Transformation (individual and social) is predicated on being whole and connecting to a universal wholeness. Come to explore how spirit can lead our coaching.


This course is for you if you have a deep practice and wanting to have spirit lead your work with clients no matter what their religious tradition, affiliation or lack thereof. It is also for you if you are on your own path to deepening spirit and build connection with like-minded people.



Damon Gbuduala Azali is a life coach, a community organizer, and a priest in the Yoruba spiritual tradition of Ifa. He has over fifteen years of experience in social and racial justice movements addressing state and community violence and promoting healing. What excites Damon is how coaching can be used to both enhance social movements and deepen individual spirituality.

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