By Martha Lasley


Most people hate fundraising. Even if we have a great cause that we love, asking for money is painful. Some fundraisers follow rules, offer gimmicks, or invoke guilt to get people to give, but there is another way. By doing the inner personal work, we can ask from our core, from the place within that longs for an enlivening interaction. Unscripted. Real. Authentic. Heart connecting. When we come from a place of knowing why we’re moved to ask, and we’re open to their response, and willing to be moved by their response, we can create the quality of connection that is conducive to giving. Rich Snowdon from Nonprofit Hearts leads workshops on fundraising. If you want an inspiring approach to fundraising, read his moving piece, Asking Kindred Spirits for Money.[1] Another great read and exceptional resource is Lynn Twist’s book The Soul of Money. So if you’d like to change your relationship with money, give it a long, slow, quiet read through.

About the author:

441 Martha Lasley is a founder of Coaching for Transformation, an accredited coach training program and ChangeMakers, a year-long facilitation training program. She creates results-oriented programs that inspire, motivate, and transform. “I surround myself with people who take risks and look for new ways of doing things; we explore both the solid ground and the edges of transformation.”

Martha is a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication and is a professional member of the Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science. She has written three books: Courageous Visions; Facilitating with Heart; and Coaching for Transformation.

[1] Rich Snowdon, Asking Kindred Spirits for Money. Nonprofit Hearts.