For three years, my partner insisted, “You would be a natural.”

Natural or not, I didn’t want to be a life coach.

I had a salaried job. It was familiar. I was good at it. I enjoyed financial security. The thought of becoming a life coach seemed too…uh… unpredictable. Maybe even a bit frivolous.

And then things changed.

I was enrolling in a leadership training program and to my dismay (and intrigue); a prerequisite for the leadership training was…you guessed it… coach training. I found myself enrolled in a coach training program, with no intention of becoming a life coach.

The program changed my life.

With about two hours left in my first coach training weekend, we did a role-play activity where we invited others in the class to be our coaching client.

As we stepped into this activity, I discovered why I didn’t want to be a coach. I suddenly understood the reason behind my resistance to coaching. I was scared I couldn’t get clients. My fear of not being able to support myself and make a living as a coach was the barrier preventing me from becoming a life coach.

I am not particularly daring or entrepreneurial. The idea of trying to convince people to buy my coaching services made me queasy. The role-play activity started out feeling uncomfortable and awkward. But amidst the uneasiness, excitement was brewing. I realized getting coaching clients was possible. All I had to do was be willing to talk to people about coaching and ask if they were interested. I knew I could do that.

I grew to love coaching more than anything I’d ever done. I experienced my fellow students and the coaching process as coming home and belonging. My partner was right… I was a natural coach.

It was two years after this realization that I left my career as an optician to become a full-time life coach. Creating my coaching business didn’t happen overnight. I just kept talking about coaching—to friends, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers. I developed my skills and my confidence. I introduced coaching to groups and organizations. I did presentations and workshops. As challenging as the process was, I can truthfully say that on my worst days as a coach I never wanted to go back to my old profession.

If I can do it, you can do it. Will you let yourself want to be a coach and start the process today?


446About the author: Steven Filante is a Professional Certified Coach, an international coach trainer and a mentor coach. He teaches Coaching for Transformation, a 9-month accredited coach training program (ACTP). Always open to new modalities and possibilities, Steven challenges his learners to examine all parts of the human experience and how it can bring value to coaching. He coaches small business owners and executives who need a coaching ally to translate their vision of change into the world.

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